Thursday, 21 September 2017

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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Stress Affects Your Metabolism

Stress Affects Your Metabolism

Does Stress lead to weight gain and weight loss? Does it active the stimulation of epinephrine and cortisol release? To answer all the above questions, yes Stress does affect the metabolism to a significant effect but has an adversely diverse reaction from people to people. 

In healthy individuals, mental stress could lead to increased heart rate, but at the same accord, also decrease the vascular resistance in skeleton muscle leading to weakness, increase in blood pressure and other serious problems over time. Furthermore, the blood pressure increase could also lead to the development of vascular complications. The digestive system is also affected to a great extent by stress but, one of the solutions to that problem is Shudh Colon Care. Colon Care is a hydro-therapy that helps us cleanse the body and eliminate all the waste from the body. 

Stress releases two hormones known as cortisol and insulin that reacts to the body making it store fats or not build muscle. Therefore, stress can cause anorexia or obesity based on the adverse effects it has on people. In that case, Colon Therapy is the solution to remove the problems caused by stressed and can drain out the imbalanced release of cortisol and insulin in your body. 

Stress is not subjectively considered harmful to the body but could channel and enhance a series of health issues. The energy balance we have in our body could also be altered by stress causing an imbalance of energy in the body. As people, we are bond to be stressed as some point of time but keeping in mind, the problems it can lead to, we should try our best to not stress our mind mentally and our body physically.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


Wake up to coffee

The caffeine in coffee smoothens the surface of your skin. ‘Wake up and smell the coffee’. This phrase has taken a different meaning altogether. If you are a true coffee enthusiast, then the good news is that coffee has beneficial properties that not only affect your health and wellness, but your appearance too! Popularly known as the “Arab wine” in 16th century, coffee is an aromatic plant that comes with innumerable special properties.

Despite all the controversy over whether coffee is good or bad for you, the fact is that it delivers some powerful results ranging from an energy boost, clearing the mind to relieving headaches, controlling high blood pressure and improving breathing. Coffee has also been used both in conventional and homoeopathic medicine. Some of the valuable findings in the past few years are about coffee and anti-ageing related to coffee’s strong antioxidant properties. Coffee is able to absorb free radicals, ridding the body and skin of toxins and therefore preserving its youthful quality. It is believed that coffee has a higher content of antioxidants than green tea. Caffeine nowadays is generously being used in scrubs, creams and lotions as it helps constrict the blood cells. The caffeine in coffee, when used in skin care, works to dehydrate fatty cells so that water disappears from the surface of your skin. This means that the skin develops a smooth texture.

Another popular benefit of caffeine is that it helps tightening of the fine lines near the eyes. It contains many elements, which help our skin look and feel amazing. It has the ability to mend broken skin, soothe irritation and revitalize cells. Coffee is one of the best ingredients to fight cellulite or so called “orange peel” skin. This ability is attributed to the high concentration of natural alkaloids that increase blood circulation and eliminate water retention.

Coffee is not just a tonic for the body and brain but also a tonic for the skin, improving its micro circulation activity, stimulating cell renewal and detoxifying the lymphatic system. So enjoy your next cuppa and do so with a guilt-free mind.

Monday, 19 June 2017



Human beings have adopted a lifestyle that largely involves poor eating habits, unsafely produced foods, lack of exercise and improper sleep cycles that ultimately result in constipation, gas and bloating issues, abdominal discomfort and poor bowel movements. This is caused by the accumulation of stored fecal matter and additional toxic wastes in the large intestine. When the blood stream is overloaded with toxic waste, the body will function at a lower level. A healthy well-functioning bowel is essential for the maintenance of optimal health. An ancient, natural practice that helps counter these issues and improve a person’s digestive health is Colon Cleansing. The latest, safest way of colon cleansing is a procedure known as ‘Colon Hydrotherapy’.

Colon hydrotherapy is the gentle rinsing of the colon with warm water, to remove encrusted fecal matter, gas and mucus. This allows vital nutrients to be absorbed more easily and leaves you feeling rejuvenated and healthier. Colonics can also help re-tone & reshape the colon. No chemicals or drugs are involved and the entire therapy is both relaxing and effective. How the procedure works is, the patient lies down on a comfortable therapy table, and the therapist gently inserts a sterile, disposable speculum into the rectum. Then, warm water is gently released through the pipe and into the colon.
The patient experiences a relaxed feeling as the water is emptied from the colon. The water pressure and temperature are carefully controlled and all waste is drained away discreetly in a closed system with absolutely no mess or odours.

Unhealthy lifestyle choices often lead to tough consequences, or poor functioning of the mind and body. Often, when one finds oneself suffering from bloating and excessive gas, troubled bowel movements, indigestions, allergies, skin reactions, body odour, bad breath body pains, exhaustion and constantly in a difficult state of mind, it is believed that the accumulation of toxic wastes in the colon is the root cause. Such people can find a solution in colon hydrotherapy. It helps your immune system to help itself, by giving it a chance to breathe and allow the lymph system to effectively cleanse your body.

First and foremost, colon hydrotherapy enables healthy digestion and relief from bloating and gas issues. As a method of waste elimination, it leads to an initial weight loss and benefits especially those who are looking to lose weight. Since it is a method of detoxification, it effectively cleans up the body and leads to better health. It also enables proper absorption of nutrients and improved blood circulation, leading to increased energy levels and higher levels of concentration. A further benefit of colon hydrotherapy is the restoration of proper skin and eye health.

One of the leading specialists in the field of colon cleansing across India is Shuddh Colon Care. The therapists at the clinic are not just experts at performing the treatment for patients, but also provide a customized solution that ensures their sustained, long-term health. The therapists at Shuddh Colon Care provide Lifestyle Modification Counseling, nutrition and diet consultation and Bowel Retraining Counseling. These services, together with Colon Hydrotherapy ensure that patients are given a second chance at leading a healthy, energetic and comfortable life.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Are you suffering from constipation, irritable bowel disorder, stress, obesity or joint pains? Colon-hydrotherapy, an internationally popular medical remedy, introduced in Hyderabad recently can be the solution. Colon-hydrotherapy is about cleansing the colon with pure, warm water and flushing out all toxins accumulated in the body and rendering us hale and healthy. Experts say it is a safe, hygienic procedure which
maintains overall health and is painless.
Take the case of Rekha, an obese homemaker and mother of two children. Her husband was in the US on an offshore project. After she got to know that her husband was going to visit India in three months, she
wanted to lose weight and become slim to surprise him. She underwent colon hydrotherapy for two months and strictly followed the diet advised by the doctors and nutritionists. Surprisingly, she lost 14 kilos in three months! The patient came all the way from Aathmakur in Nellore district to Hyderabad for this treatment. “The procedure is administered under strict supervision of doctors, nutritionists and technical experts of
therapy", told Rajagopal, Director Reva Health, Skin and Hair Medical Institute.

Colon hydrotherapy increases the process of contraction of the muscles. There are contraindications also. Colon hydrotherapy is not recommended in pregnant women, colon cancer patients or those suffering from congestive heart failure, carcinoma of the rectum, et cetera."By undergoing the therapy, one can eliminate toxins from the body that brings change in the overall health of the patient. When toxins are flushed out, natural stress or tension decrease slowly. We lose weight also. Meanwhile, it helps improve our metabolism and absorption. It makes the body active and relaxed," explained Koumudi, technical expert of Colon hydrotherapy.
"Of course, the therapy also helps reduce body or joint pains successfully. It simultaneously improves contractions of the muscles, decreases weight, minimizes the risk of piles and boosts up the immunity power" she added. "In this therapy, warm water is introduced at a low gravitational pressure so that there is no threat of bowel contraction. Here, we use only disposable single-use rectal tubes and speculums. Those undergoing the procedure should have a light meal a couple of hours before the therapy. And warm filtered water is introduced via a speculum into the rectum and up into the colon where it soaks and cleanse the unwanted material. The water, as we said previously, stimulates the contraction of the colon. So the colon then pushes the water and matter out through the tube. The body itself does the work. It is an exercise for the bowel. That's why we always mention it as naturopathic exercise", explained Rajagopal.

The number of colon hydrotherapy sessions necessary differs from one patient to another. It needs an individual-specific approach."Toxins form in the body because of lifestyle changes, junk food sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet practices. One person can approach us for cleansing the colon, somebody asks to flush out toxins from the body, some to solve constipation problem and some to eliminate the body pains or joint pains and stress et cetera," told Koumudi. Each sitting costs around Rs. 2,500. The first sitting typically takes up to one hour and lesser in the subsequent sittings.
What problems colon hydrotherapy takes care of:
Muscle tone restoration
Prevents constipation
Relieves gynecological
Reduces weight
Compression of neighbouring organs disappears
Reduces pressure in intraabdominal area
Sensation of well-being due to the elimination of toxic bacteria
Decreases demineralization of body
Improves metabolism
Hydration of the whole body
Relaxes the lumbar and hip pressure
Natural immunity levels boosts up
The function of the lungs lymph and heart improves
Detoxification andeliminates the waste
improve overall health